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We are your one-stop-shop for all your event needs!

The Event Agency is an event organization and brokerage company, dealing with everything you need for events in-house. We will handle everything including: planning, bartending, equipment rentals, setup and takedown, licensing, venue coordination, Vendor coordiation, catering placement, & so much more. 

The Event Agency's mission is to maintain a safe, sustainable, and environmentally conscious experience that everyone can be proud of! Community engagement and building strong relationships are the pillars to our success; from big bashes to small shin-digs, your experience is our priority! Go enjoy the party, we'll take care of the rest.

Tom Bidot

   Event Producer

Tom has had an extensive career in operations, managing, and developing small businesses. From there, Tom has worked with managing and developing all types of social events, annual fundraisers, corporate gatherings, and large concerts over the last decade. As a young adult, he loved to entertain and throw parties, ensuring his guests were having the best of times. Thus, his spark for event managing began.

 Tom's passions have always been about making the lives and experiences of others the best they could be. Over the years, Tom has built his career around these passions. After twelve years of fundraising for non-profits, atop years of management experience, and in-depth event managing, the next chapter in his career was born.

The Event Agency LLC  founded in 2020, was built despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. A full-service event production company was needed. At this point, Tom harnessed the power of opportunity and started building the business of his dreams.

Contact him anytime to connect about the event of your dreams. 

Office: (541)-841-9787 


Meet More of the Staff you are working with...

Cristina Clark

Event Assistant


I am a mom & go to girl, when my friends & family want to have a get-together. With these skills & over 20 years in customer service and/or management, I help The Event Agency team provide moments our clients will treasure for the rest of their lives. Being here allows me to combine my passion for feeding people & experiencing life for all it has to give us! Seeing our client's faces light up when they walk into a perfectly decorated event space, take that first bite of our food, or see their guests having a grand time makes all the hard work worth it! 

Katie Linam

Event Assistant


With my over 5 years in customer service & events, I help The Event Agency provide moments clients will treasure for years. Being here allows me to combine that with my passion for events and the guest experience. Seeing their faces light up when they are having a great time. 

Brian Bilauca

Warehouse Clerk & Event Staff


I am a student at SOU. I am taking my core classes now. When not in school I love to work.  I work in the event world by helping load in and load out deliveries and setting up and tearing down the events. You can find me behind the seances or right up front helping in many ways for your event.

Jenna Aluyon

Event Assistant


With my over 20 years in customer service & management, I help The Event Agency provide moments clients will treasure for years. Being here allows me the freedom in life I need. I love working on special events and helping till the lat mine. You will usually see  me at the bar serving your guests 

Christiana Ramoso

Event Assistant


I am a Mom of two and love to design and create.  my passion in life is to create special moments for everyone I can. 

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Event Assistant


Intreseted in a carrers in events? 

This could be you here. 

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